RUCO® 1146

Fabric, Leather and Hard Surface Protector - Aqueous C6 Water Repellent Active for Air Cure Applications

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34/2016 - 2016

Though being an aqueous emulsion and containing no flammable solvents, the new C6-fluorocarbon ®RUCO 1146 shows full performance regarding water, soil and oil repellency after drying at room temperature. These features allow for entirely novel applications in consumer as well as professional after care markets such as upholstery and leather restoration and car valeting services.

While textile samples treated and air-cured with conventional aqueous fluorocarbons achieve spray test ratings between 50 and 70, most synthetics such as PES, PA and PAN and treated with ®RUCO 1146 can easily score 100.

Key features

  • Suitable for all fibre types, laminates, leather and hard surfaces
  • Outstanding and durable oil, soil and water repellency
  • Full performance level after drying at room temperature, no heat treatment required
  • Easy-to-clean effects on applied surfaces
  • Fabric colour and handle are not affected
  • No silicone-based and metalorganic compounds contained
  • Free of flammable solvents, PFOA* and PFOS*
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