RUCO® 1410

Fabric and Leather Protector - Based on Fluorine-Free Actives

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32/2016 - 2016

®RUCO 1410 is a solvent-based polysiloxane concentrate used for water repellent finishes of textiles, leather or hard surfaces. The waxy active ingredients also protect and nourish leather articles.

®RUCO 1410 does neither contain aminofunctional or reactive silicone compounds nor metalorganic substances and hence meets all requirements of the guidance for industry document on the formulation of waterproofing sprays*.

A formulation of ®RUCO 1410 has been tested in a screening study by the TNO institute in respect to acute aerosol toxicity based on the augmented OECD test guideline TG403.

Key features

  • Suitable for all fibre types, laminates, leather and hard surfaces
  • Outstanding and durable water repellency
  • Dry soil attraction of treated articles is reduced
  • Fast drying and instantly effective without heat activation
  • Textile colours are refreshed and a soft fabric handle is imparted
  • Based on fluorine-free raw materials
  • No reactive, aminofunctional silicones or metalorganic compounds contained
  • Tested acute aerosol toxicity of a formulation containing ®RUCO 1410 by a screening study at the TNO institute (method based on the augmented OECD test guideline TG403)
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