The “unspoiled“ textile is maintained longer through protection from mould attack

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32/2015 - 2015

Now available with new active ingredient combination

What do new awnings, tent fabrics, sailcloths, tarpaulins, sunshades, shower curtains, etc. have in common? 

They rapidly become unsightly without protective finishes!

Everybody would like textiles to maintain their “unspoiled“ appearance. But flawless textiles have an enemy: mould fungi. The reasons are moisture and moisture build-up, often combined with heat.

®RUCO-BAC CID NG for perfectly complementing the system of water-, oil- and soil-repellent products

With ®RUCO-BAC CID NG RUDOLF offers a special protective programme for textiles. With its perfectly durable effects ®RUCO-BAC CID NG protects textiles from mould attack and rotting when combined with the water-, oil- and soil-repellent RUCO-GUARD® or BIONIC-FINISH® products, without affecting the water-, oil- and soil-repellent effects. Thus, the “unspoiled“ appearance of textiles is maintained for a long time.

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