Wetlands - Risk of mildew attack

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16/2012 - 2012

®RUCO-BAC ZPY Protects intimatecontact textiles from the formation of mildew and odour

An everyday and global problem: textiles in humid conditions

Constant humid conditions and subsequent mildew and bacteria attack may damage the look and smell of textiles.

In everyday life, there are many concrete problematic cases which, depending on the region, may arise in the most different of textiles:

  • In the tropics: Textiles with a musty odour which only disappears after several 60° C wash cycles and intensive drying. Sometimes, clothes rot in cupboards.
  • In sleeping rooms: Used mattresses with mildew and mite attack in humid conditions.
  • During leisure time: Stinking sports shoes, especially after prolonged storage in sports bags. Constantly humid sports bags with spore attack.
  • At sports or at work: Special, difficult-to-clean sports gear and workwear such as ice hockey gear, special protection vests for the police as well as protective helmets and gloves, which become unsightly or their odour is hardly bearable after use.
  • In humid cellar rooms, insufficiently heated or ventilated homes and buildings: Textiles of any kind are kept slightly damp for a pronlonged period and are thus exposed to mildew attack. First signs of attack are musty odours.
  • At the arctic circle or in winter: Ski boots and skates are covered with a slightly white mildew layer when the next winter season starts.

Efficient protection from mildew and bacterial attack

The formation of mildew and its dissemination on textiles start by the attack of mildew spores. The spores form thread-like cells, the mycelium. They consist of microscopically small, hyperbranched fungus threads which spread on the infested textiles.

Zinc pyrithione, the antimicrobial active ingredient in ®RUCO-BAC ZPY, inhibits the cell division of yeasts. Thus, textiles finished with ®RUCO-BAC ZPY are protected from microbial attack in unfavourable climatic conditions.

In addition, RUCO-BAC ZPY has strong bacteriostatic effects. These distinct anti-microbial effects interrupt the food chain of dust mites. Thus, they are bereft of their natural resources on textiles finished with RUCO-BAC ZPY*.

* The cost and time-consuming tests of the anti-dust-mite effects of textiles finished with ®RUCO-BAC ZPY are only conducted if customers are ready to bear all external costs incurred.


  • Oeko-Tex®-listed
  • EPA-registered
  • bluesign® approval (in progress)
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