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35/2010 - 2010

clean surfaces without scratches

RUCO-COAT DOT - the new way of gentle cleaning

Cleaning surfaces in the domestic or contract sector may often be difficult, especially if one would like to do without cleaners that are agressive or harmful to man and the environment.

Therefore, cleaning mechanics comes to the fore. On the one hand, soil is to be efficiently removed by the use of abrasive cleaning sponges or cloths. On the other hand, surfaces must not be damaged or become unsightly. A novel selective coating perfectly unites these goals. The cleaning cloth remains flexible and thus optimally adapts to the surfaces to be cleaned. Baked-in leftovers can be removed from induction cookers and the like without problems, even in difficult places.

Mild cleaning additives on the coated dots activate gentle but nevertheless intensive cleaning mechanics, with the coated dots being highly resistant to mechanical abrasion as well as home laundering. The thus ensured long life-span preserves the environment and is easy on the wallet. The use of recyclable nonwovens made of viscose that have been finished with ®FERAN ICA and, as an option, with SILVERPLUS® and which are thus hydrophilic and bacteriostatic, have further optimised the characteristics of use and the environmental safety of the textile.

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