Water-based fluorocarbon products

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06/2016 - 2016

®RUCO-COAT FC and ®RUCO-COAT BC: System solutions for imparting oil, water and soil-repellent functions to surfaces

Up-to-date ecological, economic and technical product innovations

As no other functional product group, water, oil and soil repellents cover the range of conventional textile finishes or coatings and are, above all, used in formulations/applications for the dyestuff, varnish, imitation leather and timber industry. Here RUDOLF does not only convince by flexibility and highly innovative strength, but also by product and process competence.

With the brands RUCO-GUARD® and BIONIC-FINISH®, RUDOLF, as a manufacturer and patent holder, offers the largest product range for conferring soil, water and oil-repellent functions to surfaces. The portfolio contains both solvent-based products and aqueous dispersions. The variety of products ranges from C6 products to fluorocarbon-reduced systems or entirely fluorocarbon-free product innovations.

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