Solvent-based fluorocarbon products

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07/2016 - 2016

for imparting oil, water and soil-repellent functions to surfaces

Solvent fluorocarbons for the application in solvent-based coating pastes

With rapidly drying solvents, the application of solvent-based, fluorocarbon-containing repellent systems has the general advantage of a more rapid development of the orientation of repellents on substrates and, thus, of a faster development of water, oil and soil-repellent effects. The energy and time-consuming curing stage can be omitted. This is, above all, an essential advantage for formulations that are used at ambient temperature, but also in applications where curing is impossible or undesired.

Repellency for all purposes

The selection of the repellent in solvent-based coating significantly depends on the solvent/s used. Firstly, the agent must be compatible with the system used. For ecological reasons, the market also demands PFOS* and PFOA*-free systems. Here, Rudolf pioneers. Examples are ®RUCO-COAT FC 6020, ®RUCO-COAT FC 6021 and ®RUCO-COAT FC 6025.

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