RUCO®-COAT FX 8011/8021/8041

The art of clever crosslinking

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05/2015 - 2015

Blocked isocyanate crosslinking agents for aqueous systems - Extremely suitable for lacquer formulations

Coatings are often additionally crosslinked to improve their performance characteristics. ®RUCO-COAT FX 8011, ®RUCO-COAT FX 8021 (higher concentrated variant for lacquer formulations) and ®RUCO-COAT FX 8041 are used as formaldehyde-free crosslinking components for aqueous polymeric dispersions or solutions of polyurethanes, polyacrylates or polyvinyl acetates. 

Moreover, ®RUCO-COAT FX 8011 and ®RUCO-COAT FX 8021 are suitable boosters for non-ionic or anionic fluorocarbon water repellents (acrylate or PU types). Due to its non-ionic character ®RUCO-COAT FX 8041 is suitable as booster for all types of fluorocarbons ®RUCO-COAT FX 8011 and ®RUCO-COAT FX 8021 are state-of-the-art multi-functional, anionic, blocked isocyanate crosslinking agents. In contrast to the well-known types, ®RUCO-COAT FX 8011 and ®RUCO-COAT FX 8021 are free of N-methylene-2-pyrrolidone (NMP), butanone oxime and formaldehyde. Additionally ®RUCO-COAT FX 8041 is free of dimethyl pyrazol (DMP). Thermal activation deblocks and initiates the crosslinking effect. Blocking enables to manufacture stable product formulations as well as pot-life-free recipes with ®RUCO-COAT FX 8011, ®RUCO-COAT FX 8021 or ®RUCO-COAT FX 8041 at users.

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