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23/2012 - 2012

®RUCOFIL SCA with Plug & Finish Function - The intelligent "Cold Melt Final Winding"-standard-lubricant for sewing threads especially for GRAF/SSM-METERING PUMP- AND LICK ROLLER APPLICATION

Perfect sewing without any problems under all conditions is the objective: for manufacturing high-performance sew­ing threads technologically leading, highly effective sewing thread lubricants are indispensible. The RUDOLF GROUP is the largest manufacturer of high-performance sewing thread lubricants worldwide and is the technological leader in this segment. The versatile standard product in the area of final winding sewing thread lubricants is ®RUCO-FIL SCA with Plug & Finish-Function.

Advantages of RUCO-Fll SCA

®RUCO-FIL SCA is the standard product for sewing threads which are lubricated by the final winding-method. The sewing threads are preferably used for the conventional making-up of apperel or used fabrics as well as for technical textiles. The new main advantages versus conventional Cold Melt Final Winding products are:

  • better antistatic
  • no blocked pumps caused by agglomeration
  • better self-cleaning behaviour of machine parts
  • low viscosity, hence suitable for Liek rollers
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