No passage for moisture

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02/2012 - 2012

The leading water-repellent sewing yarn finish based on the new C6-FC technology for metering pumps and galette applications

After making up water-repellent textile and leather articles as well as synthetic materials the seam must not be a weak point for moisture. This is mainly important for:

  • shoes
  • covers and tents
  • functional outdoor clothes
  • bags and backpacks
  • working and military clothes
  • ballistics protective vests
  • leather clothes
  • made up nonwoven fabrics
  • foils
  • etc.

For these articles the penetration of moisture caused by the wicking effect of the sewing yarn has to be prevented effectively.

The purpose of the functional sewing thread finish is the combination of the optimised sewing thread behaviour with additional functional water repellency.

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