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12/2012 - 2012

The leading “Hot Melt Final Winding“ lubricant for technical high-performance sewing threads, especially for GRAF/SSM METERING PUMP APPLICATIONS

Perfect sewing without problems under all conditions is the objective: for manufacturing high-performance sewing threads technologically leading, highly effective sewing thread lubricants are indispensible. The RUDOLF GROUP is the largest manufacturer of high-performance sewing thread lubricants worldwide and is the technological leader in this segment. ®RUCO-FIL SHQ is the state of the art in the field of final winding sewing thread lubricants, as we brought together all of our knowledge of sewing thread finishing.

Advantages of ®RUCO-FIl SHQ

®RUCO-FIL SHQ is the top product for sewing threads which, after final winding, are used for making-up technical textiles, such as automotive airbags, leather or textile aircraft seats, filter technology, medical textiles or for the conventional making-up of apparel or used fabrics. Furthermore, ®RUCO-FIL SHQ is highly recommended for the lubrication of embroidery threads, as it does not show tendency to migrate out of the sewing/embroidery thread into the surrounding textile after sewing/embroidering.

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