High-speed yarn

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22/2004 - 2004

Wet waxing with ®RUCO-FIL

The finish with ®RUCO-FIL wet waxing agents transforms weaving and knitting yarns into high-speed yarns. Due to the discontinuous finish in the dyeing apparatus yarn can be processed at a considerably higher speed in all winding processes.

®RUCO-FIL products optimise the running behaviour, lower and equalise friction values and reduce the thread tension resulting in easier-to-knit/weave yarns.

The ®RUCO-FIL product range offers individual product solutions for wet-waxing the most diverse of yarns. ®RUCO-FIL provides a finish with function, increased productivity, quality advantages compared to hard waxing, process safety and flexibility due to combination possibilities with other finishing products.

This brochure informs you about the advantages of wet waxing with ®RUCO-FIL.

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