Permanent for Cellulosic Fibres

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23/2013 - 2013

Wash-resistant flame retardancy for cellulosic fibres

Field of application

Due to tightened legislation as well as increasing safety and functionality requirements, textile flame retardancy advances further. Due to their versatile properties, cotton fibres are especially used in the field of workwear or in the home textile sector. However, in contrast to many synthetic fibres and due to its natural origin, cotton is not inherently flame-retardant.

®RUCO-FLAM PCE is applied to cellulosic fibres to attain durable flame-retardant finishes. The positive wear properties of textiles, such as perspiration transportation and air permeability, are not impaired by the finish. ®RUCO-FLAM PCE can also be applied to blends of cellulosic and synthetic fibres, however, the synthetic portion should not exceed 15 % in order  to pass vertical burning tests.

This is not applicable to blends of cotton and aramid fibres; these fibre combinations, which are frequently used for workwear, can be rendered flame-retardant in any ratio with ®RUCO-FLAM PCE.

This recommendation for wash-durable flame-retardant finishes of cotton illustrates a system that is adapted to all aspects of the overall process.

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