Overview of RUDOLF products designed for the carpet production

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02/2017 - 2017

We conjure up the perfect carpet for you.

Carpets have multiple fields of use and, depending on the field of application, they are found on different textile substrates. The spectre of carpets is manifold and ranges from rugs in the most different sizes and forms, to mats with various functions, e.g. protective mats in the automotive sector or dirt catchers in entrance areas, to bathroom rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting.

They satisfy the most different functions in residential areas as well as in public or business buildings, such as decoration and design, living comfort and cosiness. But they also fulfil technical tasks such as sound insulation and dirt catching. For manufacturing textile carpet articles there are special dyeing processes, particularly in pre-treatment and dyeing, such as one-bath differential dyeing of polyamide fibre types of different dyeability (deep or weak dyeability with acid dyestuffs and/or a combination for acid and basic types).

Conferring value-preserving functions is of paramount importance in carpet article finishing. Depending on the article, basic prerequisites are high fastness level, favourable burning behaviour, good hygienic functions as well as special functions that protect against aqueous soil whilst preserving a favourable dry soiling behaviour.

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