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25/2011 - 2011

*) 1 g of the basic mineral component of RUCO-FLOW AIM has a surface area of ca. 750 m²

Clay, healing earth, bentonites, bleaching earth, porcelain clay ...

... these are only a few of the common names of this mineral, which is the primary active ingredient in ®RUCO-FLOW AIM. The exact mineralogical name is montmorillonite.

Due to the laminary micro-structure of montmorillonite, the surface area is extremely high, and, thus, there are numerous interesting chemical as well as physical properties. Therefore, this raw material is used in many industries, such as the building industry, agriculture, in pharmaceutics and cosmetics, in environmental protection, the food and ceramics industry as well as in the paper industry and metallurgy.

Two properties of montmorillonite crystals enable its use as a highly effective bleaching agent:

  • On the one hand, impurities are adsorbed from the fabric and the liquor, due to the high specific surface area
  • On the other hand, montmorillonite has the property to replace disturbing heavy metal ions in the bleaching bath by Na-ions

The result is a dual effect as bleaching stabiliser and extractant.

Advantages of ®RUCO-FLOW AIM

  • Highly effective
  • Basic mineral component of local provenance
  • Low-foaming
  • Excellent extraction
  • Suitable for all types of cellulosic fibres
  • Applicable in all textile equipment
  • Excellent peroxide stabiliser
  • Excellent washing and emulsifying effects
  • Low loss of degree of polymerisation, due to controlled peroxide degradation
  • Bleaching with ®RUCO-FLOW AIM is advantageous for articles that are subsequently moist-crosslinked
  • Distinctly better tensile strength compared with conventionally bleached fabric
  • Lowest loss of weight (knitwear!)
  • Reproducible high degrees of whiteness
  • Ready removal of oil or silicone
  • Good hydrophilic properties of pre-treated fabric
  • Compound: Easy handling; no mixing up; cost-effective storage; less capital lockup; only one metering pump necessary; one adjusted wetting/washing and emulsifying system
  • More than 80% of ®RUCO-FLOW AIM is bio-eliminable
  • GOTS-certified
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