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05/2010 - 2010

Durable, breathable, water, oil and soil-repellent impregnations for all fibres

What are fluorocarbons?

Fluorocarbons are modern impregnating agents that do not only repel water but also oily and fatty substances. Every physical body, no matter whether liquid or solid, has a so called surface tension. The greater the difference of these surface tensions of liquid and its contact area, the more distinct is the repellency. Fluorocarbons support this.

They are the chemical basis for attaining textile soil repellency. Based on perfluorinated monomers, fluorocarbon polymers are made-to-measure for their respective fields of application.

What does a fluorocarbon resin consist of?

A fluorcarbon resin consists of fluorocarbon polymers plus booster (intensifies effects). Together they are the optimum synergism of effect and durability. The water, oil and soil repellency remains effective for a high number of wash cycles. For this purpose booster and fluorocarbon polymers have to react. Depending on the type of booster, differing reaction temperatures are necessary. In addition, fluorocarbon polymers and booster are responsible for the following secondary effects:

  • Handle
  • Process stability
  • Fastness properties

Advantages of ®RUCO-GUARD AFC6 at a glance

  • Optimum water, oil and soil repellency for all fibres
  • Soft handle
  • Highly durable
  • Breathable

Fields of application of ®RUCO-GUARD AFC6

  • Children's clothing
  • Table cloths
  • Business trousers, shirts and blouses
  • Outdoor clothing
  • Military clothing
  • Technical textiles
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