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42/2016 - 2016

With regard to fluorocarbon products many textile finishing companies have already switched over from C8 to C6 chemistry. Although PFOA and PFOS (perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctanesulphonic acid) are still in the headlines, the chemical industry‘s efforts to offer a reasonable C6 chemistry alternative are being acknowledged.

All leading fluorocarbon monomer manufacturers have switched their manufacturing techniques over to C6 chemistry. Many textile manufacturers have given in to the ecological pressure of the market and have changed over to C6 fluorine chemistry, even if it is slightly weaker. Consumers have often accepted the weaker effects. Nevertheless, the desire for highly effective water and oil-repellent properties as well as high wash durability is still persisting.

The distinct water and oil repellency is reduced by shortening the fluorine side chains from 8 to 6 carbon atoms. This affects also the resistance to washing and dry cleaning, which is demonstrably less effective in C6 fluorocarbon finishes. Unfortunately, these disadvantages will not be offset by increasing the C6 fluorocarbon resin application quantity. The effects just stagnate at a maximum, which is below the performance level of C8 fluorine chemistry.

To compensate for poorer results of the C6 fluorine chemistry, well-established ideas have to be reviewed occasionally and different paths have to be treaded in product development.

The new path: RUCO-GUARD AHP6.

The changed polymer structure of ®RUCO-GUARD AHP6 optimises performance and, thus, confers excellent water and oil repellency. In addition, ®RUCO-GUARD AHP6 uses an exceptionally environmentally friendly booster. New raw materials have been used for it to comply with future ecological requirements. The portion of environmentally harmful ingredients could thus be distinctly reduced. In terms of efficiency and eco-balance the mixture of fluorine polymer and booster in ®RUCO-GUARD AHP6 is at its optimum.

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