Improvement of sewability thanks to the “Loop Protection System” for sewing without damages of woven and knitted fabrics

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18/2018 - 2018



  • assures best running properties of knitted and woven fabrics
  • resistant to resin finishing
  • highly resistant to yellowing
  • partly compatible with anionic textile auxiliaries (after preliminary trials)
  • excellent compatibility of PE emulsions with hydrophilic finishes
  • achieves highest separating effect in warping indigo warp beams

Making up

prevents sewability damages of piece goods leading to unsalability

  • prevents fibre dust on coloured woven and knitted fabrics
  • increases the tear growth resistance


  • protects the colours during home laundering
  • extends the textile’s life
  • improves decreasing
  • imparts a highly wash resistant soft handle and smoothness
  • turns ironing easier and faster
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