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INKJET - Reactive Printing on natural Fibres

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45/2016 - 2016

With PIN-POINT accuracy

INDIVIDUALISM & LIFE STYLE are requirements which today‘s fashionable textiles have to meet. Individualisation in printing means changed batch sizes and, at the same time, increased colouration efforts. Classic printing would reach its limits in terms of economic efficiency.

For achieving these new requirements more and more ink-jet printing machines find their way into the textile world. Modern ink-jet printers enable printing results throughout the entire colour range which, in quality, are close to photographic prints.


Realising high resolution prints at, simultaneously, increased production speeds requires a special preparation of the textile. Whilst in traditional printing all products including dyestuff are combined in the printing paste, in ink-jet printing pure dyestuff is applied to the textile pre-treated with all auxiliaries needed.

The quality of the result achieved is considerably influenced by how the textile has been pre-treated before print.

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