Universal High-Performance Polyurthane

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23/2008 - 2008

Maximum performances with RUCO®-PUR SLR

RUCO®-PUR-SLR offers a wide performance spectrum for all areas of the textile industry ranging from technical services via home textile to clothing. In contrast to all common reactive polyurethanes its character is cationic and, thus, in finishing, much easier combined with other textile auxiliaries. RUCO®-PUR SLR is very flexible, it can be applied by padding, spraying or slop padding. Due to its cationic charge it can even be applied in the exhaust method, in contrast to many common polyurethanes. RUCO®-PUR SLR's self crosslinking properties create effects that are resistant to washing and dry cleaning.

Advantages of RUCO®-PUR SLR

  • Improves anti-pilling, anti-snagging and VELCRO resistance
  • Increases abrasion resistance
  • Increases elasticity and elastic recovery of knitwear
  • Improves tear strength, tensile strength and rub fastness in resin finishing
  • Wash-resistant chintz
  • Special handle modification
  • Positive influence on sewability of wovens
  • No impairment of the hydrophilic properties
  • Good fogging behaviour
  • Universal in application
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