Targeted optimisation of UV protection factors (UPF) with RUCO-SHIELD RAY

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42/2012 - 2012

The sun is the energy supplier for life on earth. Solar radiation is also necessary for the health and well-being of man.

But, as is often the case, it depends on the right dosage. For a long time, dermatologists have been warning of complications caused by UV rays, such as premature skin ageing or skin cancer at the worst. Suitable textiles can be optimised with the new RUCO-SHIELD RAY technology which enables a secure stay in the sun.

How does ®RUCO-SHIELD RAY manage to improve the UPF?

®RUCO-SHIELD RAY is based on mineral titanium dioxide. The UV-absorbing and reflecting properties of TiO2 are generally known. In virtually all suncreams TiO2 is an indispensible and effective component. The mode of action of ®RUCO-SHIELD RAY is based on a combination of physical absorption and reflexion effects. The skin is protected because the portion of UV rays transmitted is reduced to a minimum.

To achieve durable finishing effects and a uniform particle dispersion on the textile surface, the titanium dioxide particles are incorporated in a specially developed polymer matrix.

Fields of application

Fabric construction permitting, ®RUCO-SHIELD RAY is suitable for imparting UV protective finishes to textiles, e.g. for

  • lightweight summer clothes
  • children‘s wear
  • workwear
  • headwear
  • outdoor clothing
  • sportswear
  • shading textiles (eg. awnings, umbrellas, etc.)
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