Stability and optimal performance for bleaching processes

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13/2019 - 2019

The bleaching process for textile fibres is complex. On the one hand, the bleaching agent has to be activated in order to get the bleaching effect. On the other hand the chemicals should react slowly and controlled to avoid fibre damage and to obtain reproducible bleaching results.

RUDOLF GROUP stabilizers support this.

RUCO®-STAB OKE, RUCO®-STAB OKM and RUCO®-STAB OKS are stabilisers for hydrogen peroxide. They control the bleaching process and thereby provide a high level of process safety. Even in the presence of catalytic metals the different RUCO®-STAB types prevent any unwanted spontaneous peroxide decomposition.

RUDOLF GROUP also offers compound products which contain other substances in addition to the stabilising component. Therefore only one product meet varying practical demands in textile processing and simplifies handling and storage. The RUCO®-FLOW types combine synergistically adapted systems in one product and offer additional effects in bleaching.

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