Reduction agent made of renewable raw materials

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15/2016 - 2016

Good environmental compatibility due to sulphur-free waste water

®RUCORIT SUG – the sulphur-free reduction agent by RUDOLF

In textiles finishing reduction agents are used for the following processes, among others:

  • reductive post-cleaning of dispersion dyeing and prints
  • reductive bleaching of cellulose fibres and mixtures as well as PA and WO
  • stripping of various groups of dyestuffs
  • cleaning of machinery
  • specially for post-cleaning of PES/EL

In general, reduction agents are based on sulphur compounds. Introduction of sulphur-containing waste water into the sewer system or the environment is unwanted and/or limited in quantity for several reasons.

If sulphur-containing waste water changes to anaerobic, i.e. oxygen-free state, sulphide problems may arise from completely harmless waste water. In that condition, molecularly dissolved hydrogen sulphide is generated in the waste water, which not only can lead to problems with foul odour and working safety but also malfunctions in the purification system and even corrosion of components in the sewer system and the purification plant due to formation of sulphuric acid.

®RUCORIT SUG is a reduction agent based on selected natural sugars and thus represents an ecological and sulphur-free alternative suitable for many processes.

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