Silicone impregnations for mineral substrates

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02/2015 - 2015

Moisture in masonry, bridges or other architectural buildings is one of the essential factors of structural damage.

A precautionary measure against damage caused by moisture is the impregnation with silicones. Silicones attach particularly tight to mineral substrates and can be effective for decades. Silicone impregnations are colourless, do not form films, prevent the penetration of water and maintain the water vapour permeability of construction materials. Silanes, above all, readily spread on surfaces and penetrate very well into the substrate. Silicones are irreplaceable for damp proofing masonry by means of chemical injection. Here silicone impregnating agents are injected into damp walls via boreholes. A hydrophobic zone forms – the capillary rising damp in a wall is stopped and the masonry can dry.

Under the trade name ®RUCOSAN RUDOLF develops and produces construction chemicals for protecting and restoring buildings.

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