Silicone-additives for pasty masonry coatings

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04/2015 - 2015

Due to their pore and capillary structure, mineral backgrounds take up moisture when in contact with water.

Taken-up water can cause damage. In addition, disintegrating pollutants and micro-organisms penetrate into the building fabric together with the water. A value-maintaining preservation of structures is achieved by high-performance coating systems. These are, first of all, paints and plasters which resist weather, absorb as little water as possible and maintain the breathability of masonry.

Under the name ®RUCOSIL RUDOLF offers waterproofing additives that confer optimum protection. Silicone resin binders for paints and plasters as well as silicone waterproofing additives for the most diverse types of coatings increase water repellency and maintain or even improve water vapour permeability.

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