Fluorocarbon stain-repellent impregnations

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03/2015 - 2015

Mode of action of fluorocarbon polymers:

FC polymers build up from a polymer backbone and perfluorinated side chains which are responsible for primary effects, such as water, oil and soil repellency.

The fluorocarbon polymer is an “intelligent“ polymer because the side chains can orientate themselves.

Due to this important orientation, the FC-polymers form an invisible protective film on natural or artificial stones during application. The surface energy on the substrate decreases in the course of this process.

Thus water, oil and fatty soil can no longer wet the surface and is repelled.

If the fluorocarbon is applied from a solvent, the protective film will be built up immediately. That is why these products are usually easier to apply and do not require thermal aftertreatment. However, if the FC-polymer is applied in the form of an aqueous emulsion, the fluorocarbon side chain’s orientation is initially random.

Here too innovative exceptions exist: ®RUCOTEC B-FW 6 or ®RUCOTEC B-FS 6 create an effective protection against water, oil and soil even when dried at ambient temperatures.

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