Mag(net)ic wetting without rewetting

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35/2016 - 2016

Problem – wetting behaviour of repellent liquors

for a uniform penetration of the finishing liquor into the textile, is an initial fabric with good absorption. If that is not the case, uniform liquor penetration is impeded.

Considerable difficulties
in wetting are also caused by excess rates of production or insufficiently pretreated material. The result is an insufficient liquor pick-up with fluctuating effects. Standard wetting agents excel in good wetting behaviour. However, their rewettability capacity is very strong too, which disturbs the effects of repellent finishes. This is why special wetting agents are necessary that are particularly designed for this field of application.

The solution – ®RUCOWET FN

The special wetting agent
®RUCOWET FN has been developed for the use in fluorine-containing or fluorine-free repellent liquors to support uniform wetting and to counteract rewettability. ®RUCOWET FN improves the liquor penetration and increases the liquor pick-up without impairing the water-repellent effects.

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