The anionic “pearl“ amongst the wetting agents - For reactive dyes

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16/2013 - 2013

Pearls - The power of beauty and uniqueness

Pearls are, amongst others, the oldest jewellery of man. Their natural shape and surface are beautiful and perfect. This is why pearls do not need to be polished, in contrast to gems. Thus, they were in great demand, and one started to specifically search for them. According to old writings, there were already pearl-fisherman along the coast of Sri Lanka, the former Ceylon, 2500 years ago. Divers burdened with weights went down to the sea bed to look for sea shells and pearls, which - without oxygen or protection from sharks - was quite a dangerous venture.

Why is RUCOWET RFF a pearl amongst the wetting agents?

RUCOWET® RFF is a highly effective, low-foaming wetting agent for discontinuous, continuous or semi-continuous dyeings. With its special blend of surfactants and hydrocarbons RUCOWET RFF is purely anionic and, thus, can be used without problems in reactive dyeing and especially together with turquoise dyes. Due to its “purely anionic character“ and deaerating effect, it is also suitable for treating cheese packages, which ensures that subsequent reactive dyeing will not be disturbed by non-ionic residual surfactants.

Property profile

  • anionic
  • silicone-free
  • deaerating
  • wetting
  • readily soluble in cold or warm water
  • low-foaming
  • resistant to alkalis up to 20 g/l NaOH solid (at 20° C)
  • free of enzyme poison
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