The future oil fields: Defoamer based on renewable raw materials

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26/2009 - 2009

Repeatedly increasing crude oil prices make the demand for renewable raw materials more urgent.

A more restrictive waste water legislation requires auxiliaries that are more easily biodegradable.

The market requirements for products which bear the ecological notion in mind made the RUDOLF GROUP expand its product range by a further defoamer based on rape seed oil.

®RUSTOL ARC is a silicone and mineral-oil-free defoamer based on renewable raw materials. Rape seed oil is the defoaming substance, which has grown on the fields of the administrative district Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen, the region where RUDOLF GmbH is located.


  • Composition: Rape seed oil, fatty acid ethoxylate, silicic acid
  • Appearance: Milky emulsion
  • Emulsifiability: - self-emulsifiable in cold or up to 60°C hot water - high process security, because also safely emulsifiable under less optimum conditions
  • HT-resistant
  • Excellently biodegradable
  • Deaerating effects
  • Silicone-free


  • Based on renewable raw materials
  • High biodegradability
  • Silicone-free
  • Mineral-oil-free
  • Jet-stable and resistant to shear forces
  • Emulsifiable in cold or up to 60°C hot water
  • High process stability
  • Resistant to electrolytes
  • HT-resistant
  • Resistant to acids down to pH 2
  • Resistant to alkalis in cold liquors up to pH 14
  • Conductivity (550 ?S/cm)
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