The process-optimised foam inhibitor

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09/2006 - 2006

Instability or the destruction of foam is attained by e.g. taking the following steps

  • Displacing the surfactants by less stabilising substances
  • Deposit of emulsified hydrocarbons, which make the bubbles burst
  • Introducing solids that destroy foam bubbles

With ®RUSTOL ASA we have succeeded in combining these different mechanisms so that the formation of foam is effectively prevented or existing foam can be rapidly destroyed.

Due to an ingenious emulsifying system, hydrocarbons, surfactants and solids have been combined in a manner that each component in the liquor can fully develop its effects, but the product remains stable even under extreme conditions. ®RUSTOL ASA sets new standards regarding effect and application safety and can be used in the most different textile application fields, such as pretreatment, dyeing or printing.

As far as the machinery is concerned ®RUSTOL ASA can be universally applied and furnishes very good effects on all nozzle dyeing ranges or dyeing machines. The fear of many practitioners of silicone stains is absolutely unfounded, because ®RUSTOL ASA does not contain any additions of silicone oil.

®RUSTOL ASA all in all excels in the following properties:

  • Stable to shear forces and jet applications
  • HT-resistant
  • Silicone-free
  • Highly concentrated
  • Self-emulsifying in cold water
  • Stable to acids down to pH 2
  • Stable to alkalis up to pH 11
  • Highest process stability
  • Resistant to electrolytes
  • Deaerating
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