The next generation of mineral oil defoamers

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05/2014 - 2014

For decades, mineral-oil-based defoamers have been successfully used in many industrial sectors.

They are popular because of their excellent price-performance ratio, a certain robustness and degree of system stability as well as a “silicone-free defoaming system“, which is often asked for.


Preparation of hydrocarbons and fatty acid ethoxylate, non-ionic


Silicone-free defoamer for textile wet processes, especially for dyeing machines with high liquor turbulence or for defoaming natural or synthetic print thickeners


  • Excellent defoaming properties
  • Deaerating effects
  • Suitable for jets
  • Suitable for defoaming print pastes
  • Applicable in almost all pretreating and dyeing processes
  • Resistant to acids down to pH 2
  • Resistant to alkalis up to pH 11 (cold up to pH 14)
  • HT-resistant
  • Soluble at 20° - 60° C
  • Silicone-free
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