New Deaerator Concentrate

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11/2003 - 2003

Deaerate your bobbins with ®RUSTOL NDC

An intelligent strategic synthesis enabled the development of a new silicone oil with surfactant character. Only small concentrations of ®RUSTOL NDC enormously accelerate the penetration of the liquor into the fibre. The hydrophilic modification of the silicone oil causes a high product and liquor stability and thus minimises the risk of silicone stains. The formulation of this highly active component with additional penetration accelerators leads to a self-emulsifying concentrate that has excellent effects even in small application quantities.

Since ®RUSTOL NDC, unlike other conventional deaerators, is not a water-containing macroemulsion but a clear 100% product, there are no stability problems, which often deteriorate the product quality. ®RUSTOL NDC can be used both directly and prediluted.

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