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16/2011 - 2011

Superquats - Soil killer for the efficient cleaning of machines

Cleanliness is cash

A clean production line is the basic prerequisite for the production of high-quality textiles. Everybody can dispense with expensive faulty parts with stains and lubricating stripes which are caused by machine impurities.

Fibre preparations like silicone oils from elastane-containing textiles, knitting oils, oligomers, residual size, fibre abrasion and dyestuff agglomerates are only some examples for impurities which deposit on and in dyeing machines.

Water-insoluble impurities can deposit due to floating on the liquor surface or in inaccessible areas, like the fabric glide of aerodynamic dyeing machines.

Tenacious impurities are mainly silicone oils and dyestuff agglomerates. If these impurities come off or are rubbed off by the textile, it will inevitably cause stains.

Temperature, time, mechanics, pH-value and, above all, the machine cleaner integrated in the cleaning recipe are the decisive factors for a thorough cleaning process. Conventional cleaners act by their more or less distinct soil suspending properties. Lye and reduction additive intensify the cleaning effect.

The special chemical structure of superquats ensures optimum soil-release and soil suspending properties and, additionally, leads to the further decomposition of soil particles in practice.

Due to the active infiltration of lye and reducing agent into the soil particle even persistent hydrophobic impurities are destroyed and removed which, usually, can only be dissolved with cleaning agents which contain a high portion (concentration) of solvents.

Properties at a glance

  • High cleaning performance even with tenacious soilings
  • Removal of oligomer deposits
  • Suitable for reduction clearing PES dyeings
  • Solvent-free, no flash point, no damage of varnish, sealings or roller coatings
  • Can be applied in all temperature ranges
  • No enzyme poison
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