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19/2016 - 2016


Process and end-user-related functions and benefits for pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing, textile re-processing

The name “frottier“ (terry) comes from the French “frotter“ which means “to abrade“, this refers to one of the major requirements of loop fabric, which is absorption. Final articles made of terry cloth goods must be able to absorb as much wetness as possible. Also important is the touch, from fluffy-soft to harsh with massage effect.

These properties are already influenced by the different terry cloth qualities. Thus, genuine terry cloth of three-cord loop fabric (consists of main warp, weft and loop warp) has much more volume than the terry-cloth-like which is only two-cord frotté.

Greater volume means a larger surface, and this implies multiplied wetness absorption capacity and increased thermal retention. The type of the loop warp influences the handle, e.g. milled terry cloth (loop warp = non-twisted yarn) is inherently softer and fluffier than twisted terry cloth which has a rather good touch (loop warp = twisted yarn).

Cotton still is the most important and mostly used fibre type for terry goods. 100% CO qualities or blends with other cellulosic fibres, such as modal, Tencel or viscose, have good water-absorbing properties, which have to be maintained, supported and optimised by using the right products in pre-treatment and finishing operations.

Terry cloth made of polyester, polyamide or blends does not necessarily correspond to the typical loop fabric, but can be found as fleece-like microfibre towels. They are particularly popular for sports activities or for travelling, because they are light and space-saving. Another advantage of microfibres is that they dry more rapidly. In contrast to cotton they do not store any moisture inside the fibre. In order to achieve good and permanent water absorption, the synthetic fibres have to be rendered hydrophilic.

The RUDOLF terry cloth programme shows you how to obtain high-quality and durable terry cloth goods, from pre-treatment to initial industrial finishing to rental linen.

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