The power of turquoise

Textile auxiliaries for safe turquoise dyeings of PES or CO

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23/2017 - 2017

Due to the special structure of turquoise dyes, it is necessary to observe a few characteristics when pretreating and dyeing fabric turquoise, apart from the normal “advice and precautions“.

Experience from practice:

As a rule, non-ionic substances must be avoided with turquoise dyes (and some blue dyes) because they can often cause the formation of insoluble dyestuff agglomerates and thus stains. Moreover, there is the potential risk of destroying turquoise dyes. Oxidative or reductive influences are the reason for this; they are a result of chemical residues from previous processes, long process times and high temperatures.

When dissolving dyes it is necessary to carefully observe the manufacturers‘ instructions for dissolving. Always use a filter cloth to add dissolved dyestuff to a liquor. Even when using dyes with the same CI-number the RUDOLF service laboratories found significant differences in the dissolution behaviour and microdispersion.

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