Removes iron and rust from your fabric

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25/2006 - 2006

Catalytic damage in peroxide bleaching - a well-known problem

Bleaching cellulosic fibres with hydrogen peroxide leads to the catalytic decomposition of peroxide in the presence of iron, which may cause oxidative damage to the fibre material up to the formation of holes.


®VEROLAN FEX is a speciality product for complexing earth alkali, iron, copper and manganese ions. Based on organic acids, complexing agents and ethoxylates, uncharged

  • White, crystalline powder
  • 10 g/l aqueous solution, pH 1 - 2
  • Soluble in water
  • Very high heavy metal binding capacity
  • Good dispersing action
  • Very high calcium and magnesium binding capacity
  • Easily washed off
  • Low-foaming
  • High soil suspending properties
  • Removes oily and fatty impurities
  • Excellent removal of graphite soilings


  • Increases reproducibility
  • Supports process security
  • Increases the degree of whiteness
  • Reduces catalytic fibre damage
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