Water, oil and soil-repellent functionalising of textiles

Water, oil and soil-repellent functionalising of textiles by means of the patented ®RUCO-GUARD fluorocarbon technology and BIONIC-FINISH®

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20/2016 - 2016

The RUDOLF GROUP has developed tailor-made fluorocarbon polymers and fluorocarbon resins for the different fields of application and requirements.

  • ®RUCO-GUARD AFC6 - High permanence, soil repellency for all fibres
  • ®RUCO-GUARD AFR6 - High permanence, good hydrostatic head
  • ®RUCO-GUARD AFS6 - Interpenetrating polymeric network for impregnating synthetics
  • ®RUCO-GUARD AFU6 - Self-repairing impregnation of mechanically stressed surfaces
  • ®RUCO-GUARD AFL6/AFH6 - LAD-technology, easy-care without ironing
  • ®RUCO-GUARD UCS6 - Fluorocarbon technology for flame-retardant fibres
  • ®RUCO-GUARD CAN6 - Soil-repellent nonionic FC finish for dip coating and finishing of polyamide
  • ®RUCO-GUARD USR6 - Double protection: Water and oil repellency and soilrelease
  • ®RUCO-GUARD AFB6 CONC/®RUCO-LINK XCR - Fluorocarbon technology as twocomponent system for additional flexibility in finishing
  • ®RUCO-LINK-boosters for the water, oil and soil-repellent finish of textiles
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