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The soil-release and hydrophilic finish

®FERAN ASR confers a functional protective layer to synthetictextiles. Hence soil sticks less on the fibres and is easierremoved by washing. The textiles functionalised in this mannerreceive soil-release properties, which considerablyfacilitates their care in every-day life:

  • Improved soil-release
  • Reduced soil redeposition
  • Better moisture transport
  • Less electrostatic charge

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After signing the licence agreement, the RUDOLF GROUP will provide, free of charge, the design for the respective labels.

The printing costs of a label usually exceed many times the functional finish of a garment etc. The RUDOLF GROUP, therefore, cannot take over these printing costs. Our customers will be charged with these costs. We, however, will be glad to get the address of cost-effective printeries for our customers and will take care of the handling/logistics of the print order free of charge.