Coronavirus - Update

We would like to inform you that Rudolf GmbH continues to operate normally without being adversely impacted by the corona crisis.

A couple of weeks into this unprecedented crisis we are now seeing that governments are slowly starting to ease restrictions.

We continue to closely follow the implemented precautionary measures, with a strong focus an a companywide hygiene concept, social distancing and home office where possible to reduce risk of infection and to keep the company operational.

We are observing a significantly increasing demand for hygiene and water-repellent agents that are used for the production of personal protective equipment (please also note our 'everyday heroes concept' for PPE Please consider langer than usual lead times for these functional finishing agents.

Due to closed borders, continued global travel restrictions and the fact that most companies are still not receiving visitors, we cannot provide on-site technical support as we did in the past. We invite you to continue to engage with your trusted Rudolf technician via 'virtual visits'. Please contact us.

We will inform you about potential disruption of supply as soon as we realize product availability is negatively impacted due to the coronavirus crisis.