Coronavirus - Update

This is an update regarding the current development of the corona virus pandemic.

One week before Christmas Bavaria went into a hard lockdown, which has just been tightened once again until the end of January for the time being. Rudolf GmbH continues to operate normally without being adversely affected by these developments.

The implemented precautionary measures, such as a company-wide hygiene concept, social distancing and home office where possible, are closely followed, to reduce risk of infection and to keep the company operational.

Due to an allegedly even more infectious virus mutation, the implemented travel restrictions have been intensified once more in some countries. On-site technical support is, thus, hardly possible. However, as in the last few months of this pandemic, technical matters can always be discussed with your trusted Rudolf technician via remote means such as video calls. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or support you require.

We will inform you about any potential disruption of supply as soon as we realize product availability is negatively impacted due to the coronavirus crisis.