Adhesive textiles, removable without residues

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Why do geckos adhere to walls and walk headfirst along the ceiling?

Regarding adhesion, geckos are little masters and seam to easily challenge even defined principles of gravity. But why are they able to do so?

The answer: The tiny nanohair on their feet help geckos to create a mechanical grip on extremely smooth surfaces and to defy gravity. Virtuously, geckos use the adhesive force’s technique.

With GECKO-FINISH-RUDOLF®, we succeeded in developing coatings with which textiles may be affixed to a smooth surface (glass, metal, plastic etc.) and, later on, may be removed without residues. The climatic conditions don’t matter.

GECKO-FINISH-RUDOLF® had successfully been tested at temperatures between -40 °C and +80 °C as well at a relative air humidity up to 95%.

Fields of application

  • heat insulation 
  • protective covers for car windows against sun, ice and snow
  • sun protection at glass façades
  • all types of rapid insulation
  • advertising boards
  • furniture and wall design

Textile properties

  • highly adhesive on all smooth surfaces
  • easily removable without glue residues
  • easily cleaned when soiled, the adhesive power is easily restored 
  • very high heat resistance
  • flexible at low temperatures and resistant down to -40 °C and up to +80 °C

Technical application properties

  • direct coating as paste or metastable foam
  • ecological
  • no need of explosion-proof coating ranges
  • easy handling: RUCO®-COAT CGO is a ready to use compound


We are happy to assist you in implementing the process on your articles.

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