International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens



From 09th through 12th May our specialists will be happy to further explain the above described product groups and finishing effects and to offer advice on different processes. We are looking forward to seeing you at Techtextil 2017, HALL 6.1, STAND C41.

As a manufacturer of innovative and sustainable textile auxiliaries the RUDOLF GROUP offers tailor-made technical solutions to problems in pre-treatment and dyeing, finishing and coating – and this along the entire textile chain! Highest core competence in development and synthesis as well as various functionalisation possibilities, - with a focus on silicone, fluoropolymer and polyurethane chemistry - and, in addition, comprehensive know-how in processing and application techniques enable us to work out individual solutions to complex requirements together with our customers.

The product range of the RUDOLF GROUP comprises a high number of very different product groups. A multitude of innovative textile articles can thus be developed. With comprehensive proficiency in application time-, energy-, water- and cost-saving processes can be developed, and by coating and finishing in aqueous medium versatile finishing effects can be obtained.

Using the example of pre-treatment and finishing solutions for automotive textiles RUDOLF will present tried and tested processes for the following seven key areas:

  • Efficient Cleaning
  • Oligomer Dispersing
  • Ecological Repellency
  • Flame Retardancy
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Biocidal Protection
  • Antistatic Solutions


Efficient Cleaning

Effective pretreatment to remove as many residual substances as possible, which is crucial for textiles used in the automotive sector. Thoroughly pretreated goods with low add-on values guarantee low emissions and a favourable fogging behaviour.


Universally applicable, low-foaming washing and wetting agent with dispersing, emulsifying and fat-dissolving properties for vegetable, animal and synthetic fibre material. For the removal of oil, silicone and paraffin-containing preparations, soilings and stains as well as weaving oil stains. Excellently suited for application in enzymatic desizing.


Ecological Repellency

Value-preserving repellent finishes to protect against water-based dirt, obtained by modern repellent agents based on fluorine-free formulations, combine material protection and sustainability.


Highly effective water-repellent agent for finishing fabrics of all fibre types; confers excellent durability to washing when combined with crosslinking boosters, such as ®RUCO-LINK RCX, ®RUCO-LINK CHX or ®RUCO-LINK BEW.


Flame Retardancy

Flame retardancy as core function in the automotive area is ensured by strong, halogen- and antimony-free flame retardants. The correct product and process selection provide safe FR effects and good secondary properties such as favourable fogging behaviour and minimum influence on fastness.


Free of antimony trioxide and halogen; soft coating compound for obtaining flame-retardant properties; amongst other things, used for all types of upholstery fabric or technical textiles (automotive, sun protection, etc.) made from synthetic fibres or their blends with natural fibres.


Abrasion Resistance

Enhancing the abrasion resistance of seat covers or seat belts by a finish with soft polymers that do not affect the handle.


Self-crosslinking polyurethane; amongst other things, for finishing technical textiles; suitable for all fibre types and fibre blends. Reduces the tendency to pill and improves velcro resistance, produces special handle effects and looks. The technological properties of textiles finished with ®RUCO-PUR SLR are improved.


Oligomer Dispersing

Oligomers cause big problems due to their visibility and their tendency to dusting. Powerful products for oligomer dispersing are the best remedy.


Dosable oligomer dispersant for PES. To improve the running properties of yarns. Prevents the formation of dust due to oligomers.


Antistatic Solutions

An important target in the automotive sector is the effective avoidance of static charge. Antistatic agents without negative influence on other finishing effects such as repellency and flame retardancy are the right solution.


Highly effective antistat already at low quantities of use without influence on handle effect and without promotion of thermomigration of disperse dyestuffs.


Biocidal Protection

Protection from bacterial decomposition by avoiding the development of durable and undesired odours in automotive interiors, for example caused by spilled milk.


Anti-microbial preservative finish for all fibre types, highly resistant to washing, especially suitable for textiles worn next to the skin.


We will find jointly the right solution for your articles!

From 09th through 12th May our specialists will be happy to further explain the above described product groups and finishing effects and to offer advice on different processes

We are looking forward to seeing you at Techtextil 2017, HALL 6.1, STAND C41.