Sympatex Launches Bionic Finish Eco for Textiles

Sympatex, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly laminates used in high-performance textiles, has partnered with bionic-textile finishing specialist Rudolf Chemie to develop Bionic Finish Eco, which it reports is the first fluorocarbon-free durable, water-repellant (DWR) treatment for textiles.

Sympatex with BIONIC-FINISH®ECO represents a significant departure from previous textile-treatment technology, the company reports: While DWR finishes using toxic fluorocarbons have been used in the textile industry for more than 30 years, materials made from fluorocarbons are often classified as hazardous because they can release poisonous and carcinogenic compounds when manufactured or burnt. 

Sympatex reports that previous DWR finishes made without fluorocarbon did not deliver the same level of performance as finishes with fluorocarbon; Sympatex laminates treated with BIONIC-FINISH®ECO provide a fluorocarbon-free alternative that does not compromise on functionality and performance, the company reports. 

At the microscopic level, BIONIC-FINISH®ECO is composed of an eco-friendly hydrocarbon matrix forming star-shaped, hyper-branched polymers or "dendrimers." Inspired by the crystalline-like branches in treetops, the dendrimers create an invisible, flexible structure that is water-and-dirt repellant, highly wear-resistant, and survives rigorous washing. Breathability is also retained, because the finish does not contain paraffin. BIONIC-FINISH®ECO is free from harmful organic halogens and fully biodegradable.

Sympatex with BIONIC-FINISH®ECO creates a shell-and-membrane laminate system ideal for ski jackets, outerwear, and other high-performance apparel and footwear.