Welcome to "HUB-CLUB"

Housed in a XIX century fully renovated, liberty style textile mill, RUDOLF HUB1922 was born in February 2019 with the idea of being an international crossroad for the various stakeholders of the apparel value chain. A melting pot for creativity and business development fueled by RUDOLF better chemistry.

Consistently with the overall industry disruption, the COVID19 worldwide pandemic, the lockdowns and the travel bans caused the footfall of the facility to progressively decrease to zero. Exactly like for retail stores, traffic is vital for HUB1922. A meaningful and continuous exchange with stakeholders is how the company approaches sales and conversion strategy. The lack of such an exchange and the uncertainty over the next few months trigger questions about how to properly serve the customer.

The long days of the lockdown were precious for HUB1922’s team to focus on R&D and creativity and to develop innovation beyond responsible applications of chemistry. In fact, during springtime 2020 human excellence within RUDOLF GROUP came together to entirely create a digital tool that allows HUB1922 to shorten the distance with the customers: that’s HUB-CLUB.

“HUB-CLUB brings HUB1922 at our customers’ doorstep”, says Alberto De Conti, Head of Fashion Division at RUDOLF GROUP. He adds: “Time zones are a struggle of the past and, as people get acquainted with this digital experience, they might want to cut on their travel expenses even after the COVID-19 crises is over” .

HUB-CLUB is the raise of the machine. Inside HUB-CLUB privileged customers can:

  • Enjoy high-resolution visuals of latest seasonal collections as well as an archive of previous seasons.
  • Benefit of a download center where information of all RUDOLF auxiliaries for garment processing can be found, as well as all process parameters and technical data sheets.
  • Take full advantage of virtual, personal showrooms where tailor-made developments can be shared in real time.

“The industry kind of knew that textile companies and fashion fairs would evolve their ways of working and formats from physical to digital” states Andrew Olah, CEO of Olah Inc. “Perhaps we hadn’t expected it so soon, but COVID-19 is giving us all a great incentive to be quicker, cheaper
and more efficient”.

HUB-CLUB is about using the hidden opportunity offered by a vicious pandemic to drive positive change in how the company operates and interacts with customers.